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Dupuytren’s Clinic

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Dupuytren’s Disease Clinic Newcastle

Our Dupuytren’s Clinic is a comprehensive education and evaluation clinic for all degrees and presentations of Dupuytren’s disease.  This  clinic is a collaboration between Hunter Hand Surgery, Hunter Hand Rehabilitation Centre and Genesis CancerCare.

Patients are assessed by a Multidisciplinary team to create a complete and personalised management plan.

The Clinic

Multidisciplinary Care

  • A ‘one stop shop’ for all aspects of Dupuytren’s treatment
  • Patients can participate in a patient education session
  • Discussion of all non surgical and surgical management options
  • Individual Patient Consultation with a Combined Team of Specialists
  • Options to participate in World Class Dupuytren’s research
  • All Patients are welcome
  • Public, Privately Insured and DVA. 
  • Patients must have a referral to Dr Burgess or Dr McClelland.
  • For further information please contact us on 02 4920 6338

Our team includes:

Hand Therapists

Dion Sandoz

Details coming soon.

Radiation Oncologists

Associate Professor Jarad Martin

Prof Jarad Martin is a Radiation Physician with strong clinical and research interests. In addition to subspecialty expertise in the management of genitourinary and gastrointestinal tumours, he also has experience in the use of low dose radiotherapy for benign conditions such as Dupuytren’s Disease. Having been treated for Dupuytren’s Disease himself, Jarad recognizes the importance of education, multidisciplinary care and research for people with this condition. In collaboration with the Hunter Hand Surgery Team, he is the international principal investigator for the DEPART randomized trial, seeking to assess the effect of radiotherapy for patients with Dupuytren’s Disease. Jarad has authored more than 130 peer reviewed publications, and continues to be a sought after research collaborator, member of advisory boards to the pharmaceutical industry and speaker at both national and international scientific meetings.

Hand Surgeons

Dr Tanya Burgess and Dr Brett McClelland

Information Coming Soon